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LDP001 This student accommodation deal was completed in March 2010.

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Buyer Testimonial

Ningaloo Reef introduced us to a deal on a student block in a northern city, where a sale had already been agreed with another party five months earlier, but where the deal was hung up on funding issues. After the other party missed a couple of deadlines to finally exchange, the vendor launched a contract race, with a 2-week deadline.

From the point where we decided to buy the building, Rob was always there for us. He helped us negotiate away a 15% price differential between us and the vendors; he provided direct access, including the home phone number, to one of the college directors; he supplied us with valuable insights into the status of the race; he warned us when he discovered that the other party were preparing to exchange ahead of us; he even made sure our entire team were in early on the day of exchange.

In the end, we won the contract race by just ten minutes!

We exchange within 62 hours, and our guys performed magnificently. The level of service from the Ningaloo Reef team, and Rob in particular, was quite remarkable, from the level of access to the vendor, to the rapid responses to our information requests, and even down to his frequent reminders to stay focused on the end result. We couldn’t have done it without Rob’s invaluable help, and we’re now looking forward to the next deal he brings us.

Vendor Testimonial

I know Rob as a fellow bell-ringer. I was the lead non-executive Director of the Board of a leading Northern University College for the sale of one of its Student Residences, a block of 22 flats with over 100 beds. This was under offer, but there was an inordinate delay in exchanging contracts. When Rob learned of this from me he acted fast to introduce me to a Client of Ningaloo Reef Investments who is the UK Property Fund Manager of a very large International Hedge Fund.

The existing buyer was given two final deadlines for exchange! When they both passed, the College Solicitor organised a formal “race to exchange” between the two parties. Within three working days Rob’s Client won the race.

To a very large extent that was due to Rob’s skills as an enabler. Throughout the buying process I found him to be on the ball, always available, constantly anticipating and answering questions, helping both sides in seeking clarification and understanding on many detailed matters, as well as conducting effective and expeditious communications with the College Bursar, our Agent and our Solicitor.

We were also helped enormously by the fact that Rob introduced me early on to his Client’s CEO, with whom I had several significant and invaluable conversations.

All parties involved made very complementary comments about their engagement with the Ningaloo Reef team, and Rob in particular, who they found to be determined, lucid, focused yet non-pushy, and very pleasant to deal with. The College is extremely pleased with the smooth way that the change of ownership has occurred. And the students are happy, too.

I regard Rob as an able and honourable man of integrity.